1 Hour Introductions £150
2 Hours Acquaintances £300
3 Hours Acquaintances II £450
4 Hours A Private Affair £500
6 Hours An intimate affair £900
Up to 16 Hours Courtesan I £1 600
Up to 24 Hours Courtesan II £1 800

  1. How can I book a date with you?
  2. Contact me by email: book@danielacompanion.com or through the booking form. Once we have agreed upon our date, I’ll send you my phone number. On the day of our date, I will email or text you to confirm all is dandy and we are still on.

  3. What to expect:
  4. A first date between two strangers, as countless first dates go, we’ll find our rhythm.

  5. How should I give you the fee?
  6. The fee should be handed to me within the first few minutes of our date. You can put it inside an unsealed envelope, gift card or book and hand it to me, or leave it on the bathroom counter, whichever you prefer. I’m comfortable with either option.

  7. How far do you travel?
  8. Zones 1-4 on the Tram system.